Circular Economy

In recent years, circular economy (CE) has gained interest and visibility in Chile among consumers, as well as the public and private sectors. CE proposes a radical systemic change, leaving behind linear production models to aim for the opposite: ecodesign, repair and redistribution of materials, etc., while valuing innovation and promoting the creation of new business models.

However, only a few private actors in Chile are making real changes to their models and processes to incorporate CE, mainly due to the lack of knowledge about what it is and how to become part of the transformation through their businesses.

This is why Eurochile has set out to disseminate and support the transition towards this alternative economic model by making use of its close ties with the European Union, which is currently leading global progress in EC. Eurochile offers support to companies seeking to innovate and update through the redesign of their production and management processes, and also reviews their business models. By doing so, resources are optimally used, thus preserving their usefulness and value, and productivity and competitiveness increase both domestically and internationally.

This mission translates into the following activities for companies and institutions that would like to move forward in circular economy topics:

  • Organisation of seminars and trainings with European experts to disseminate EU experiences and best practices, as well as promote the transfer of technology and know-how on topics related to circular economy.
  • Levantamiento del Circular Economy Working Group, which seeks to promote collaboration between companies from different sectors and sizes to develop new projects, exchange information and convey the private sector’s needs to the government so they are considered in public policies.
  • Projects to strengthen capacities and knowledge in EC related topics, business roundtables, visits from European companies to Chile and mission trips by Chilean companies to Europe to strengthen the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem through business cooperation between Chilean and European companies.