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Thanks to the services and networks that it manages, the Eurochile Foundation supports SMEs by putting them in contact with European companies that have the common interests, training them through workshops, seminars of experts European, technology transfer, informing them about European instruments of co-financing and putting to their disposal a business platform that can help them find potential business partners in Europe.

It is worth mentioning, however, that the foundation does not finance company projects, nor does it grant capital funds or subsidies of any kind.

Eurochile is a member of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), a support network for small and medium-sized companies, backed by the European Commission with more than 600 organizations located in different parts of Europe and Latin America. Eurochile is the only member who has access to this platform in Chile.

The main service that this network offers is the uploading of profiles in which your company offers or demands commercial and/or technological cooperation to a European company or institution. Should consider that the responses to the dissemination of the profiles are not immediate and a business can only be concluded if there is interest from a European counterpart. Through the EEN network, companies can also search for information regarding regulations, taxes, business trends, etc.

To upload a profile of your company or request for information you must write to info@eurochile.cl or to mcaruz@eurochile.cl

Additionally, you may see the cooperation and business profiles that European companies offer on our website https://eurochile.cl/index.php/es/perfiles-europeos-de-cooperacion

Eurochile applies constantly to national and European calls for projects to support SMEs, as well as the organization of business or technological prospection tours for Chilean SMEs to Europe. Every time that Eurochile applies to this kind of projects, it invites companies to participate.

Additionally, Eurochile regularly organises matchmaking events with foreign companies that visit Chile or prepares business agendas- meetings and technical visits- for Chilean SMEs during their visit to through the EEN network. If you wish to be informed of the activities, projects and calls that Eurochile carries out, we invite you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram through @Eurochile_ account or you can write to us to info@eurochile.cl

The services provided by Eurochile have no cost, however, the additional services derived from them do. There is the possibility of accessing total or partial financing through our networks.

The import of capital goods, the search of foreign partners, the access to new technologies and the introduction of good practices will improve their participation in the market, both nationally and internationally. Incorporate technologies in their businesses will improve the efficiency of their production processes, making them less expensive, faster and better quality. By improving your competitivity, you can improve your productivity. Improving your competitiveness can allow the Access to international markets to introduce your products and/services to more destinations.

The EU constitutes the largest market worldwide, with a potential of 500 million consumers, as well as being one of the most developed regions in terms of environmental regulations, technological innovation and economic development with social responsibility. In this sense, the EU is a pioneer in quality and efficiency standards, which makes it an interesting partner for those who, from Chile, wish to compete in the best possible conditions. Through its networks, Eurochile can provide companies to find partners in Europe, which will allow the export of their goods and/or services directly or through integration in the product value chain.

The Association Agreement in force between Chile and the European Union establishes since 2003 a free trade area without tariffs or non-tariff measures, and other benefits in a privileged relationship in the political, cultural and scientific fields. According to Direcon figures, the European Union is the third most important trading partner in Chile, with 14% of total trade in goods (as of 2017). Since the Association Agreement was launched, Chilean exports of agricultural products/food and services to the EU have practically tripled, while European exports to Chile have almost doubled in most sectors. From 2003 to date, bilateral trade has doubled, growing at an average annual rate of 6%, from US $ 8,578 million in 2003 to US $ 18,410 million in 2017. At this time the Association Agreement is in a modernization process after 15 years in force, which will allow not only better access to the European market with more favorable tariffs but also incorporate new topics such as energy, gender, environment, SMEs, services and investments, among others, and in close dialogue with civil society.