Recycling and Circular Economy

The Eurochile Business Foundation was awarded the “Strengthen Recycling and Circular Economy in the Province of Osorno” programme, which has the financial support of the Los Lagos Regional Government through the National Regional Development Fund (FNDR). With a duration of 24 months, the purpose of this programme is to fortify and improve the processes associated with mitigating the negative environmental impact, product of the inadequate management of both organic and inorganic waste, from household and industrial activities in the region.

The project will benefit citizens, SMEs and Waste Managers, a total of 200 beneficiaries, and will be divided into two categories of waste: industrial and household. Both types of waste share common factors due to their nature and the synergies between the treatment that could generate economic benefits for the actors involved in these two types of waste.

The programme focuses on raising existing capacities and proposing new waste management models based on the European experience. It also seeks to promote circular business models and train in key concepts of the Circular Economy to create a community committed to recycling issues. Likewise, it seeks to ensure the economic sustainability of the project through access to financing over time and the acquisition of equipment.

The National Fund for Regional Development (FNDR) is a public investment programme through which the Central Government transfers resources to the regions for the development of initiatives in different social, economic and cultural fields, with the aim of obtaining harmonious territorial development. and fair.

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Los invitamos a contactarse con el equipo que lidera el proyecto:

Ivonne Palma, Director Sustainability and Circular Economy Area Eurochile Business Foundation

Maud Breyne, Project Manager Circular Economy and Sustainability Area Eurochile Business Foundation