AL- INVEST Verde Agri- food

The Eurochile Business Foundation, in collaboration with its European partners Promos from Italy and Agropolis Internacional from France, are executing the project “Chilean-European Alliance for the green transition in MSMEs of the Chilean fruit sector and its Business Organizations”. The initiative aims to help small and medium-sized companies to adopt sustainable and circular practices in their agri-food systems.

In this context, the main actors in this project will be the fruit MSMEs organized in cooperatives or other associative forms of the fruit sectors of the O’Higgins, Biobío and Los Lagos regions. Therefore, work will be done with companies, authorities and public organizations interested in supporting the sustainable development of this sector, in addition to trade union organizations and productive groups of the private sector.

Eurochile’s Sustainability and Circular Economy team will be responsible for executing the project, which will last 24 months and is expected to benefit at least 300 MSMEs and 15 Business Organizations. To achieve this, various activities and workshops will be carried out to publicize the programme, expose with the help of European experts about the different approaches and trends that are being used on the other side of the continent and publicize the benefits towards a more circular system.

About AL-INVEST Verde

AL-INVEST Verde is a programme of the European Union (EU) whose main objective is to promote sustainable growth and job creation in Latin America, supporting the transition towards a low-carbon, resource-efficient and more circular economy. Through Component 1, led by sequa, the programme manages funds for the implementation of innovative projects of small business associations to promote sustainable practices in the private sector.
More information:

Project presentation

We invite you to see the presentation and learn in detail the milestones, activities and objectives of the project.


We invite you to answer the self-diagnosis that will allow you to measure the circularity of your company.

Experts presentations

We invite you to review the presentations made by the experts in the different activities.

More information about the Project

We invite you to contact the team leading the project:

Ivonne Palma, Director Sustainability and Circular Economy Area Eurochile Business Foundation

Rodrigo Silva, Project Manager Sustainability and Circular Economy Area Eurochile Business Foundation