Business promotion

The European Single Market is the third most relevant for Chile. Eurochile’s role is to foster and facilitate business between Chilean and European SMEs.

We offer a range of services to promote commercial activities between both parties, which include:

  • Prospecting mission tours / Business missions / Business roundtables
  • Participation in European and Chilean fairs
  • Business Interships (More information)
  • Preparation of customised schedules / Search for counterparts / Alliances
  • Facilitation and management of trade and cooperation agreements between Chilean and European companies and institutions
  • Coordination and management of R&D&I projects between Chilean and European companies and institutions with the joint effort of all our departments
  • Dissemination of profiles on business and technology transfer opportunities
  • Delivery of information to create competencies on market access thanks to our networks and expertise on Intellectual Property systems and rights