Ecodesign and Circular Economy in Los Lagos

Eurochile Business Foundation, in collaboration with Corfo Los Lagos through the Regional Productive Development Committee, is developing the Ecodesign Training Programme with a focus on Circular Economy, called “Ecodesign for SMEs in the Los Lagos Region that contributes to sustainability and to reduce the environmental impact through the Circular Economy.”

This initiative aims to promote the culture of sustainable innovation in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the Los Lagos region through the execution of a training programme in ecodesign and circular economy, which provides specific strategies in production processes and product designs, services or processes, aimed at obtaining better value offers and reducing environmental impact.

In this context, the main beneficiaries will be the SMEs of the Los Lagos region belonging to different economic sectors in the area, such as: Aquaculture, Forestry, Agriculture, Tourism, Construction and Maritime Transport Industry.

The programme will be in person and will include the participation of Chilean experts, as well as two European experts who will be doing their presentations through the Zoom platform, and will contribute with European good practices in this field.

Eurochile’s Sustainability and Circular Economy team will be responsible for executing the training programme, which will last 6 months and hopes to benefit at least 30 SMEs in the region. To achieve this, 10 modules on various topics will be developed, which will be taught in 19 workshops that will be held between the end of April and mid-September 2024.


Presentation of the Training Programme

We invite you to review the presentation and learn more about the milestones, activities and objectives of the programme in more detail.

The content to be covered in the training programme and material

We invite you to review content to be covered in the training program. Additionally, in this section the presentations made by national and international experts will be uploaded, in addition to other materials generated in the program.

Place and date of the activities

The workshops will be in person and will be held in Puerto Varas initially for the first 5 modules and later in Osorno for the remaining modules. The start of the workshops will be at the end of April (April 24).

Registration and Survey

Those interested in being part of the training programme, before register, must answer a brief survey. We invite you to answer the questions in the following link

Do you want to know more about the project?

We invite you to contact the person leading the project:

Rodrigo Silva Muñoz, Project Manager Sustainability and Circular Economy Area