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AL-INVEST Verde Fruit: Agricultural producers gain new circular knowledge and tools for future decisions

Agricultural producers from the commune of San Fernando, O’Higgins region, had the opportunity to participate in the workshop carried out by Eurochile, as part of the AL-INVEST Verde Fruit programme, where they reinforced new forms of circular business.

Publicado el 27/12/2023

On 7 December, the Eurochile Business Foundation, as part of the AL-INVEST Verde Fruit programme, held the workshop “Detection of new businesses, improvements and circular solutions in fruit production” in the commune of San Fernando, O’Higgins region, where agricultural producers had the opportunity to explore new forms of business and implement circular practices on their land.

Rodrigo Silva, project manager of the Sustainability and Circular Economy area of the Eurochile Business Foundation, was in charge of delivering this activity. During the workshop, he addressed the key points so that participants could learn more about the circular measures they can incorporate in their productions, as well as the solutions they can obtain by adopting the circular economy.

Juanita Sánchez Barrera, a walnut and avocado grower, who travelled from Lolol exclusively to participate in the workshop, said: “I am very happy, as it represents a valuable help and contribution to implement in the field. This programme has been very useful for me, and I will apply many of the things I learned in today’s workshop in my farm“.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that, during the talk, several of the producers showed a greater interest in the topic and in the background of the circular economy. For them, this model is increasingly being incorporated into the Chilean agricultural sector. As Marcelo Águila, a worker in the fruit industry, points out, “these workshops provide additional tools to recycle, reduce costs and, obviously, to be in line with what foreign clients are asking for. As Rodrigo mentioned, they are waiting for us to adopt this kind of approach to consider us in future productions“.

Also, Pablo Navarro, member of the San Berries of Chimbarongo Cooperative, adds: “We signed up to participate in these trainings, both online and in person, with the aim of acquiring new knowledge about the technology and machinery presented, both from France and Italy. These machines are in line with the renewal that is currently expected in the context of the circular economy, allowing us to develop a more sustainable and agro-ecological cultivation“.

In short, producers have taken advantage of these instances implemented by Eurochile in the framework of the project aimed at the Chilean fruit sector.  They have participated actively, showing interest in the subject and recognising the effectiveness of incorporating the circular economy in the agricultural sector. They have also understood the importance of adapting to consumer demands and market requirements, both nationally and internationally.