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Successful results of the Key Energy 2023 Business Mission: Chilean entrepreneurs establish links with European companies and strengthen alliances for future projects

Eurochile’s Business Cooperation team had a successful meeting with Chilean entrepreneurs in the framework of the Key Energy 2023 Business Mission. At the fair, the entrepreneurs had the opportunity to establish important contacts with European counterparts, learn about the latest trends and technologies related to the renewable energy ecosystem and generate future projects.

Publicado el 11/05/2023

The Key Energy Fair is an international event, where leading renewable energy companies come together to present their technology breakthroughs and innovative strategies. The fair focuses on renewable energies such as solar, wind, hydro, geothermal and biomass, simultaneously, conference sessions and discussions on current and future trends in the field of renewable energy are available, held last March 22-24 in Rimini, Italy.

This event of great international connotation allows to generate a dialogue so that actors and leaders of the sector can share and promote collaboration and business opportunities between companies, institutions and communities interested in sustainable energy and environmental protection. The objective of this trip is to provide companies with the tools to be leaders in innovation and promotion of sustainable development.

In this sense, Eurochile Foundation was in charge of organising the “Key Energy 2023 Business Mission”, so that SMEs in the sector could participate, so among the list of entrepreneurs who benefited from this opportunity were Alejandro Coll, Engineering Manager of Smartclarity; Rodrigo Paredes, Executive Director of the MERIC Technology Centre; Pablo Millar, Engineering Manager of Synertec and Hermés Silva, General Manager of Energy Tracking, who represented each of their companies.

For this reason, the Business Cooperation team met with the entrepreneurs after the Key Energy 2023 trip, where they shared the experiences they had with their European counterparts, the new technologies and trends that are taking place in the renewable energy ecosystem and presented the future projects they are carrying out.

In this regard, Alejandro Coll and Rodrigo Paredes highlighted the good organisation that Eurochile Business Foundation had in this trip, as well as the pleasant disposition of Andrea Batazzi, representative of MultiRep Services and Ecomondo in Latin America, who accompanied and guided the entrepreneurs during their stay in Italy.

In addition, Alejandro and Rodrigo announced that both are in talks with European companies for future projects, as detailed by Smartclarity’s Engineering Manager, “we got visits in several Italian companies, they showed us all the facilities, it was a good networking opportunity, one of them offered us the exclusive distribution for Chile and Colombia of their products, so we are at the stage of trade agreements, as there is a great interest from both parties in being able to carry out projects in the future”.

In short, this mission was another opportunity for Eurochile Foundation to open new business opportunities in the domestic market. For this reason, it is expected that, in the next editions of the mission, more Chilean enterprises will join this initiative and expand their commercial horizons to the European market.