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Innovate with EU Space Data: Exploring the Business Opportunities of Copernicus

The Innovate with EU Space Data event, highlighting the benefits of using EU Copernicus data, will take place on 6 November at the Beauchef Campus of the University of Chile, offering a unique opportunity for Chilean companies.

Publicado el 24/10/2023

The European Union’s Earth Observation Programme, known as Copernicus, is a flagship initiative of the European Commission in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA). Its main objective is to observe the environment in order to better understand the environmental changes occurring on Earth and, in this way, contribute to the protection of the ecosystem, health and safety of citizens.

Copernicus uses vast amounts of global data collected by satellites and measurement systems on land, air and sea. It provides valuable information to service providers, public administrations and other international organisations to improve the quality of life of European citizens. All information services provided by Copernicus are freely and openly accessible to its users.

In the specific case of Chile, this initiative gives Chilean citizens and companies the opportunity to access the enormous advantages offered by the programme. This creates a bridge between Chile, the European Union and Copernicus end-users, fostering collaboration and mutual benefit.

In this context, in the framework of the Global Gateway strategy, the European Commission, in collaboration with Expertise France and in partnership with the University of Chile, will hold the event “Innovate with EU Space Data” on 6 November at 09:00 hours at the Beauchef Campus of the University of Chile. The purpose of this event is to promote the benefits of using European Union (EU) Copernicus data for companies in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC).

The event offers the opportunity to interact with European experts and EU space companies. Real use cases in mining, agriculture and environmental management will be highlighted. The main objective is to raise awareness of the value of Earth observation data for businesses in the region and to support innovation. Representatives from key sectors will be present to highlight the benefits of using spatial data. In addition, free technical support will be provided to 10 selected companies after the event to explore the use of Copernicus data in their operations.

“Innovate with EU Space Data” is part of a series of events organised in the framework of the EU-funded “Digital Knowledge Hub in support of Space and Earth Observation” project, implemented by Expertise France.

With the upcoming establishment of the Copernicus Regional Data Centre in Chile, it will soon be easy to access and use open and reliable Earth observation data. This represents a great opportunity for the private sector in Latin America and the Caribbean to take full advantage and develop new solutions that can meet the constantly evolving markets and current priorities in the region.

This event is held in collaboration with the European Commission-funded “Copernicus in LATAM: from Earth Observation to End Users” conference, which will take place from 7 to 10 November 2023 in Santiago de Chile, hosted by the University of Chile.

Event Details:

Date: 6 November, 09:00 hrs.

Location: Universidad de Chile, Campus Beauchef, Av. Beauchef 850, Santiago.

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