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Eurochile successfully held the official launch of Ecomondo 2023 in Chile

The official launch of the Ecomondo 2023 Fair was held at the Eurochile Foundation with a large audience. With the participation of Andrea Batazzi, representative of Ecomondo in Latin America, the activity aimed to present the guidelines of the fair, the various workshops, seminars and activities that will take place during a week next November in Italy.

Publicado el 07/06/2023

The Ecomondo Fair is an international exhibition held in Rimini, Italy, since 1996. The fair focuses mainly on the areas of green economy, environmental technology and sustainable development and is considered one of the most important meeting points in Europe, attracting numerous exhibitors and visitors from all over the world.

In this context, the launch of Ecomondo in its 2023 version took place on 25 May at the Eurochile Business Foundation, where Andrea Batazzi, representative of MultiRep Services and Ecomondo in Latin America, presented this new edition, which will be open from 7 to 10 November.

During the presentation of the Ecomondo fair, the objectives and purpose of this event, which has become a reference in the environmental sector, were highlighted. In this sense, it was pointed out that the fair is dedicated to promoting the circular economy and sustainability, as well as encouraging innovation and the exchange of environmental knowledge.

In addition, the key points to be addressed during the fair were presented, highlighting the importance that this year will have for the deployment of investments and reforms foreseen in the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (PNRR). In particular, emphasis was placed on funding programmes for circular economy systems and on the implementation of the National Strategy for the Circular Economy and the State Waste Management Programme.

Among the authorities present at the activity was Vicente Caruz, president of the Eurochile Foundation, who highlighted the relevance of events such as Ecomondo in promoting actions that allow moving towards a more sustainable economy. Also present was the manager of Strategic Affairs of Corfo, Claudio Maggi, who highlighted the various instruments that the entity has for the benefit of SMEs.

Cristián Morales from Espyral, Hugo Muñoz from Ecología en tu Barrio, Juan Carlos Bello from Bellbast Chile LTDA and Margarita Sepúlveda from ITE were some of the entrepreneurs who participated in the 2022 edition of Ecomondo and who were able to tell their own experience and post-fair achievements, as well as highlighting the technical visits made outside the fairgrounds.  The four businessmen agree that it is important to carry out this type of activities and to know the trends in situ because it is where everything happens, in addition to meeting companies and generating contacts that would not be possible in Chile.

In this sense, Andrea Batazzi, Ecomondo’s representative in Latin America, states that, “the interest from Chile and its companies has produced very important relations, all thanks to the cooperation with the Eurochile Foundation, this is due to the organisation of the Ecomondo 2022 business mission, whose success was important because it was the first event after a pandemic“.

During the launch, Batazzi highlighted the importance of the Ecomondo Fair being internationalised, resulting in an effort to address the environmental crisis at a global level. He also highlighted the role of  Eurochile Business Foundation in promoting and collaborating to carry out this type of event.

The Ecomondo representative in Latin America adds that, “we have found that interest and debate on issues such as circular economy, smart waste management and renewable energies are of great importance for companies“.

In short, this year’s edition of Ecomondo is expected to be a unique opportunity for companies, institutions and experts to discuss environmental challenges and innovative solutions for waste management and environmental impact reduction. In this sense, the fair is expected to be a space for learning, networking and collaboration to drive the transition towards a circular and sustainable economy.

The next edition of Ecomondo 2023 will take place from 7-10 November in Rimini, Italy. For more information contact Manuela Caruz, or visit the website