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Enterprise Europe Network and its 15 years of success: Eurochile Business Foundation, the only partner in Chile supporting internationalisation

In its 15 years, the Enterprise Europe Network has been key in fostering business cooperation and innovation in Europe. Eurochile Business Foundation has been its only partner in Chile and pioneer in gaining access to this network in Chile and Latin America, facilitating the commercial and technological connection of SMEs between both continents.

Publicado el 02/08/2023

The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) is the world’s largest virtual network supporting SMEs, created by the European Commission. It was established in February 2008, merging two networks created in 1987 and 1995, a commercial network called Euro Info Centres and a technological network called Innovation Relay Center. In Eurochile these two networks already existed, so Eurochile was the pioneer in Chile and Latin America to have access to the new Enterprise Europe Network.  Initially, only the 27 countries of the European Union had access to the EEN, but over time, this network, which is promoted by the Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission, began to spread to other countries and continents. Currently, the EEN is made up of more than 600 organisations in over 60 countries and the partners are of different types: chambers of commerce, research centres, universities and other institutions that provide business support services.

The Enterprise Europe Network was primarily a response to the need of SMEs to diversify their markets, broaden the spectrum of research and development, create their own networks, obtain information on markets and their regulations, receive assistance and information on European programmes and generate more dynamism between parties in different countries.

The Enterprise Europe Network is a transversal network reaching across all sectors and its main objective is to help companies to seize opportunities in the European and global market. It offers specialised services in areas such as innovation, internationalisation, business cooperation and access to finance. Among its main services are advice and support to companies in accessing international markets.

The network promotes business cooperation at European level and facilitates the search for partners to develop new projects or access new markets. The network connects, supports and facilitates internationalisation processes through: business rounds, connections with Europe, profile uploading, internships, search for experts, alliances, technological, commercial and knowledge transfers, participation in consortia for European projects, webinars, among others.  It also provides access to European Union programmes, advising on programmes aimed at supporting innovation, growth and internationalisation of companies.

It also promotes technology transfer between companies and research centres, supporting collaboration on innovation projects and trends. In short, the Enterprise Europe Network offers a set of services and advice to enhance the growth and development of companies in the European and global market.

On the other hand, in its role as a partner in Chile, the Eurochile Business Foundation coordinates expert visits, has contacts in Europe, prepares agendas for participation in international fairs, organises business missions to Europe, promotes profiles in the network, and carries out mentoring and matchmaking events.

This collaboration has allowed us to empower our region’s companies and take them to new horizons in Europe. Being part of this network has provided us with a unique platform to connect entrepreneurs and companies with unprecedented commercial, technological and business cooperation opportunities. Over the years, we have worked hard to strengthen this alliance, and for this reason, we reaffirm our commitment to strengthening collaboration, boosting technology transfer and opening new horizons for our companies“, says Nina Morales, Director of Institutional Affairs and Business Cooperation at the Eurochile Foundation.

In short, the Enterprise Europe Network is an essential resource for companies looking to expand in Europe, explore new markets, develop innovative products, establish project collaborations or find business partners, and its services are available to all types of companies. The network provides up-to-date information on key topics and organises events and training activities to foster business growth.