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Virtual Brokerage Events Eurochile 2021: more than 130 companies are already connected to our business networks

In 2020, this type of event became successful both in participation and generation of contact networks. Today Eurochile has seven virtual events scheduled, considering the new ones for 2021 and the initiatives from last year that, given their success, were extended until the present year. The invitation is for national companies to join these initiatives, which provide unique opportunities to access the European market.

Publicado el 12/03/2021

During 2020, the traditional brokerage events organised by Eurochile Business Foundation with the different organisations of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), in their role as partner and sole contact point for this network in Chile, turned towards the virtual world due to restrictions imposed by the pandemic. And this, far from diminishing the interest in participating in these encounters, turned into successful participation and generation of contact networks.

It is a global phenomenon, which also led to many of the virtual encounters scheduled during 2020 attracting participants from all over the world in search of contacts, knowledge exchange and technology transfer. The same happened in our country, where there are already 136 Chilean companies that are participating in these events.

For this reason, Eurochile invites all national companies to join these initiatives, which provide unique opportunities to access the European market. Today we have seven virtual events scheduled, considering the new ones for 2021 and the initiatives from last year that, given their success, were extended until the present year.

Among the events that have been held since 2020 are “Meet in Italy for life science 2021”, which has been taking place since last September and until May 14, 2021. This event is dedicated to the entire value chain of the life sciences, from research to business and development, manufacturing, distribution, supply chain, regulatory affairs, and professional services to consulting and investment aspects.

The objective is to provide visibility and international opportunities to companies, innovative start-ups and other operators in the life sciences sector, open spaces for discussion between public and private actors and promote business opportunities at multiple levels. To register in “Meet in Italy for life science 2021”:

Also operating since 2020, the “Innovation in Environment & Energy & Circular Economy” will remain open until June 30, 2021. Its main themes are the circular economy, waste and recycling, renewable energy, water and energy efficiency. There, research organisations and companies are brought together worldwide to generate commercial contacts and technological cooperation in these matters. The registration link is:

Another event that has been extended due to the success is Care & Industry Against Corona, which began in 2020 during to the global advance of the pandemic and which will remain open until December 2021. The objective of this platform is to gather the available offers with the needs that arise in the fight against Covid-19, share different knowledge and approaches, and give a vision of personalised support to the challenges, bringing together the different actors who work in this matter both in Europe and worlwide.

It is a network made up of more than 165 organizations from more than 40 countries, where initiatives, offers and short-term needs are brought together. It encourages the interaction between health, industry, support organizations, government, academia, and others; and maximizes the reliability of the submitted proposals. Among the main thematic areas of the platform are consumer goods (prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation); diagnostics (biomedical and medical technology); emergency medicine and rescue teams; hospital and care equipment; hygiene, sterilization and disinfection; images and information technologies. The link to register is

Another platform that has been operating since last year, and that have extended their operating periods due to the success of the proposal, is the platform “Women Steering New Economies. Launched in November, it has already been announced that this initiative will be extended until April 30, 2021.

Supported by Eurochile, this event seeks to connect women entrepreneurs from Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, to foster business opportunities in the energy, green solutions and technology sectors. This event is within the framework of the “Win-Win: Gender equality is good business” program, a strategic alliance between UN Women, the International Labor Organization (ILO) and the European Union (EU).

Its objectives are to strengthen the capacities of businesswomen from the “Win-Win” countries for the internationalisation of their businesses; promoting business opportunities in the energy, technology and green solutions sectors for women in the “Win-Win” countries and in Europe. The encounter is for women who run companies in the sectors of energy and circular economy, green solutions and technology and innovation for sustainability. Registration at

New Events 2021

Among the new Brokerage Events scheduled for this year is “Technology and Business Cooperation Days 2021”, which will be held in virtual format between April 12 and 15. It is aimed at all companies in the sectors of Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory solutions, resource and energy efficient manufacturing technologies, sustainable mobility and measurement tools.

The objective is to provide companies with spaces for cooperation and networking, access new markets, generate alliances and agreements, and find international partners for future projects. To register:

On May 18 and 19, 2021, the “Digital Enterprise Show (DES) 2021” will be held, which seeks to facilitate international cooperation, generate information exchange and seek solutions for sectors such as telecommunications, media and entertainment, Industry 4.0 , online retail, platforms and logistics, smart city and urban mobility, banking and insurance, health and life sciences, smart workplace, tourism and hospitality, energy and utilities.

This event is organized by the Fundación madri+d para el Conocimiento with the support of the Enterprise Europe Network and is aimed at start-up and spin-off, SMEs, large companies, universities, research centers and other organisations seeking commercial, technological or research partners.

The encounter will have two different forms of participation that will be selected when registering: face-to-face, participants will physically attend the event and have face-to-face meetings; and online, where the participant will attend the meetings remotely. The platform will be open until May 19 and companies can now register, although the meetings they request will be scheduled for May 18 and 19. To register:

Finally, between May 17 and 21, 2021, the X edition of the “Murcia Food Brokerage Event 2021” will take place, which this year will present the latest innovations in the field of food technology with the aim of providing companies from different countries an excellent opportunity to generate bilateral meetings in order to establish technological cooperation agreements.

Those interested can register now, and the invitation is intended for companies that operate in the areas of hygienic design of facilities and food safety, authentication of food products, rapid control systems, biotechnology, new food products (prebiotics, functional, etc.), circular economy, eco design, reuse of food by-products, active and intelligent packaging technologies, automation and control processes; monitoring of processes, sensors, communication and robotics; hydraulic technologies in the food sector and reuse of food by-products. To register: