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The Roadmap for the Sustainable Transformation of Tourism Businesses

The principles developed by the UN Global Compact Spain represent the fundamental theoretical framework in the transition process of the tourism sector in the face of climate change.

Publicado el 13/03/2024

In order to address the effects of climate change affecting tourism destinations, the Sustainability Roadmap has been developed by the UN Global Compact Spain, through its Tourism Working Group.

This initiative sets out 10 universal and priority principles aimed at advancing business sustainability in the tourism sector, each supported by proposed actions, good practices and timelines. It also highlights the integration of digital transformation as a cross-cutting approach in all areas.

Environmental proposals include the reduction of carbon emissions by 2030, support for a just transition that addresses the social impacts of climate change, a commitment to 100% renewable energy by 2050, the progressive reduction of waste generated, collaboration to achieve a positive water impact, as well as the promotion of biofuels and electric vehicles.

In the social and labour sphere, it seeks to guarantee equal representation, participation and leadership at all levels of management, as well as to ensure that 100% of workers receive a living wage, among other measures.

Fulfilling the axes of this Roadmap will be crucial for the future of the tourism industry, one of the most vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change. Therefore, the effectiveness of the measures implemented will be fundamental to advance in the transition process.

Tourism businesses will be challenged not only to calculate and offset their carbon footprint, but also to reduce it through sustainability-based actions. These actions include the use of renewable and clean energy, the implementation of innovation and technology to generate more efficient processes, and the establishment of science-based targets to achieve climate neutrality. In addition, decarbonisation is promoted at all levels of the value chain.

The Roadmap is presented as a theoretical framework to guide industry actors in contributing to corporate sustainability in a real and effective way.