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Conexión Circular Los Lagos: Circular Economy Meeting for Managers, Companies and Utilities of the Region

The event focused on circular economy, promoted by the Regional Government of Los Lagos, was attended by various actors in the field of waste management and circular economy. These included authorities from the public sector, waste managers and non-profit organisations.

Publicado el 20/11/2023

On 8 November, the first “Conexión Circular Los Lagos” meeting was held at the Club Gimnasio Alemán de Llanquihue, an event that brought together more than 150 participants. The purpose of this initiative was to promote the circular economy and foster collaboration between waste managers, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as public and private sector actors, with the aim of accelerating the transition towards a more sustainable and circular economic model.

In this regard, the Eurochile Business Foundation participated in the framework of its project “Strengthening Recycling and Circular Economy in the Province of Osorno”, which has the financial support of the Regional Government of Los Lagos through the National Fund for Regional Development (FNDR) and aims to strengthen and improve the associated processes to reduce the negative environmental impact caused by the inadequate management of waste, both organic and inorganic, generated in household and industrial activities in the Province.

During the event, Juan Carvallo, territorial coordinator of the Eurochile Business Foundation, presented the project and the main results of the baseline study of the programme carried out by the Foundation in Osorno. In addition, the academic specialised in Circular Economy, Claudia Pabón, presented her research “The Role of MSME Waste Managers in the Circular Economy in the Los Lagos Region, Chile”, while Nelson Urra, from the collective system of Giro Management, shared his experiences in the management of packaging.

In addition, working groups focused on six key themes of the circular economy. Afterwards, reflections and conclusions from each round table were shared, making the day an exceptional space for meetings, networking and the start of meaningful conversations between the various participating actors.