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9 May: Europe Day

Europe Day is celebrated every year on 9 May in honour of the Schuman Declaration, a historic moment that was the first step towards the creation of what we know today as the European Union. Since then, this day has become an important date to celebrate unity and cooperation between European countries.

Publicado el 10/05/2023

Europe Day is celebrated on 9 May in commemoration of a speech by Robert Schuman, who was France’s Foreign Minister in 1950. On that occasion, Schuman proposed a new form of political cooperation in Europe that would make war between the continent’s nations impossible. Since then, the day has been celebrated throughout Europe with a variety of activities aimed at promoting European culture and identity, as well as reflecting on the challenges and achievements of the European Union today.

The aim of Europe Day is to foster unity, peace and solidarity among European nations and their citizens by promoting agreements and policies for the common benefit of all.