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The participation of the Eurochile Business Foundation in the World Circular Economy

Eurochile stands out for its commitment to the circular economy, demonstrating responsibility for sustainability through the various projects and activities it implements, and this global forum presents a unique opportunity to establish new connections and reconnect with experts and companies committed to the transformation towards a more sustainable model.

Publicado el 01/09/2023

The World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF) is an international event that brings together leaders and experts from around the world to discuss and promote solutions for moving towards a sustainable circular economy. It facilitates conversations and fosters a broader understanding of how the circular economy can address the root causes of resource overconsumption, pollution, climate change and biodiversity loss.

In this sense, this space has as its main objective the exploration of circular solutions for both the preservation of nature and the strengthening of the economy. Within its approach, it addresses a wide range of issues including finance, health, agriculture, energy, mining, trade and construction.

In its 2023 edition, which took place from 30 May to 2 June in Helsinki, Finland. Maud Breyne, head of projects of the Sustainability and Circular Economy Area of the Eurochile Business Foundation, participated in the event and had the task of representing the Foundation and strengthening relations with the companies participating in the forum. She also had the opportunity to learn about the latest innovations in the field and seek opportunities to establish partnerships with organisations that are involved in the issues being addressed by Eurochile with respect to its current programmes.

Among the subjects addressed in this year’s edition, Energy, Mining, Construction and Regenerative Agriculture stood out. In addition, special attention was paid to education and the impact of young people on the circular economy. In order to further develop these topics, a variety of resources were offered, such as talks, panels and stands, in both on-site and virtual formats, to inform and learn more about these issues. Likewise, an exclusive day was set aside for the purpose of promoting the exchange of information and facilitating networking among participants.

During the first day, I was privileged to participate in a series of thematic talks, which addressed a variety of topics, including sustainable construction, green or circular employment, as well as the key role of the global south in the transition to a circular economy, each session offering a unique perspective. On the final day, we had the opportunity to visit a biogas plant. It is important to note that when participating in these initiatives, it is very important to be open to new topics, sectors and concepts, and to mix different disciplines to achieve the challenge of the transition to the circular economy“, says Maud Breyne, project manager of the Sustainability and Circular Economy Area of the Eurochile Business Foundation.

For its 2023 version, the WCEF brought together nearly 1,900 forward-thinking thinkers and entrepreneurs and presented the revolutionary drivers of the circular economy. 155 countries were represented and the main event has more than 12,500 online visits.

In short, Eurochile has stood out for its commitment to the forefront and its focus on circular economy issues, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and care for the environment. For this reason, its promotion and development of the circular economy in Chile stands out, developing various initiatives in the sectors of agriculture, tourism, construction and waste management.