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Successful Eurecat and Eurochile Workshop Boosts Sustainability in Construction under AL-INVEST Verde Programme

Entrepreneurs from the construction sector participated in a hybrid workshop organised by Eurecat and Eurochile within the framework of the AL-INVEST Verde Construction programme. During this experience, they had the opportunity to explore success stories, learn about the progress of the programme and establish connections between companies in the sector.

Publicado el 10/10/2023

The project “Articulation and development of sustainable business models led by MSMEs for the construction sector”, of the AL-INVEST Verde programme, is an initiative led by the Technological Centre of Catalonia, Eurecat, and co-executed by Eurochile, which aims to benefit small and medium-sized enterprises and business organisations in the Metropolitan and Los Lagos regions of the construction sector to develop sustainable business models.

In this context, last Tuesday, October 3rd, the workshop “Business Articulation: European Tools and Experiences of business linkage and collaborative work” was held at the premises of the Eurochile Business Foundation. This hybrid event aimed to facilitate the linking of companies with the construction business ecosystem in Chile and Europe.

During the event, we had the participation of leading experts, including Ivonne Palma, director of the Sustainability and Circular Economy area of the Eurochile Business Foundation; Cristian Riquelme, Advanced Researcher – Sustainable Impact at Eurecat; Maud Breyne, project manager of the Sustainability and Circular Economy area of Eurochile; Rosalía Vicente, manager of the Technology Transfer and European Programmes area, Fundación para el Conocimiento Madrid and Manuela Caruz, director of International Networks of the Eurochile Business Foundation.

During the meeting, the experts shared information on the current status of the project, the different tools being used to assess the circularity of enterprises, the baseline form, success stories, and also presented the Enterprise Europe Network, which offers support for the growth and internationalisation of enterprises.

In short, circular construction is a fundamental issue for companies, as it allows them to save resources and be more sustainable. This is why the event was so well attended both in person and online, giving construction sector entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn about the AL-INVEST Verde project and to network with other companies in the sector.