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Eurochile Business Foundation promotes the Circular Urban Tourism project in the Barrio Plaza Ñuñoa

Eurochile has been awarded a project aimed at establishments located in Santiago’s Barrio Plaza Ñuñoa, with the objective of transforming local urban tourism towards a more circular approach.

Publicado el 19/04/2024

The Eurochile Business Foundation, through the Regional Technology Dissemination Programme (PDT) of Corfo’s Metropolitan Regional Directorate, in collaboration with the Ñuñoa Chamber of Commerce, Tourism and Entrepreneurs, will implement the project “Circular Urban Tourism Barrio Plaza Ñuñoa: Demonstration pilot of an efficient and self-financing community waste management model with composting technology, practical techniques and innovative and circular European and Chilean processes”.

This initiative aims to contribute to the improvement of productivity, making waste management more efficient, both at the individual and collective level in tourism SMEs in the Plaza Ñuñoa neighbourhood. It will be carried out through the implementation of a demonstrative pilot of community waste management that will allow testing and measuring the use of composting technology, as well as innovative and circular techniques, practices and processes from Europe and Chile. It is expected that this project will define a self-financing and replicable community waste management model that can be adopted by the participating SMEs.

As for the list of companies awarded the programme, geographically located around Plaza Ñuñoa and its surroundings, there are 26 in total, including: La Tecla, La Destilería, La Vinocracia, Hotel Plaza Ñuñoa, Kunstmann, Las Lanzas, La Finestra, Barba Negra, Barba Azul, Santo Secreto, Fuente Suiza, Escuela Internacional Arte Bianca, Ají Seco, Barbudo, Bar Local, Uncle Fletch, Pollo Stereo, Jardín Newen, Casa Mekero, El Paréntesis, Antonia Lounge, El Pacto, Sanguchería Petrü, Sin Envase, Huamantanga and Pollo con Estilo.

José Aravena, executive director of the Eurochile Business Foundation, says, “this initiative is not only about promoting more sustainable tourism, but also about helping businesses to adopt more circular practices. We firmly believe that this initiative will make a significant difference, especially in improving the quality of life of residents and contributing to the sustainable development of the commune“.

The programme has a duration of 12 months, during which it is expected to address the technological gaps identified in the group of companies through a preliminary diagnosis. In addition, a Dissemination Plan designed to improve knowledge, access and joint adoption of technologies, as well as the implementation of both European and Chilean best practices, techniques and processes, with a focus on innovation and circularity, will be carried out. The joint adoption of these technologies and practices will also be encouraged through the elaboration and continuous monitoring of a specific Joint Adoption Plan for each participating company. During the month of November, a technology tour to Barcelona is planned with the aim of testing and measuring the use of technologies and techniques to generate a community waste management model.

Urban tourism has undergone a remarkable evolution in recent years, largely influenced by changes in people’s consumption habits. In this context, it is essential to highlight the importance of promoting sustainable practices in this industry, ensuring that they are accessible to all types of customers. In this sense, the programme that Eurochile will develop with the establishments located in the Plaza Ñuñoa neighbourhood will enrich the tourist experience and benefit the local community, promoting a more conscious and responsible urban tourism.

Corfo’s Regional Technology Dissemination Programme (PDT) is an initiative that helps to improve the competitiveness of regional companies through prospecting, dissemination, transfer and absorption of knowledge, in order to increase their productivity, generating jobs and sustainability in business strategy.