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Launch of two AL-INVEST Verde projects and commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the Eurochile Foundation

The launch of two AL-INVEST Verde projects and the commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the Eurochile Business Foundation are two events that remind us of the importance of business commitment and collaboration with the values of sustainability and environmental protection.

Publicado el 19/05/2023

The AL-INVEST Verde programme is a European Union initiative that seeks to foster economic, social and environmental integration between Europe and Latin America through the promotion of sustainable business development projects. The programme is focused on strengthening the capacities of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to adopt sustainable practices and green technologies.

In the case of Chile, the programme is focused on promoting innovation and green entrepreneurship, as well as fostering competitiveness and access to new markets for SMEs. To achieve this, various activities will be carried out, such as training, consultancy and networking between companies, with the aim of enhancing their participation in the European market.

In this context, next Tuesday 23rd May at 08:30 hrs at the NH Collection Plaza Santiago hotel, two projects will be launched as part of the AL- INVEST Verde programme, which are focused on sustainability and circular economy applied to the construction and fruit sectors, projects that Eurochile Business Foundation will execute with its European partners Eurecat from Catalonia, Promos from Italy and Agropolis from France.

This event will bring together national authorities and European experts who will present different approaches and new trends that are being used on the other side of the continent with respect to the area of fruit growing and construction. In addition, this activity will be part of the commemoration of the 30th anniversary of Eurochile and its business cooperation between Chile and the European Union (EU).

Frederic Clarens, director of the Waste, Energy and Environmental Impact Unit at Eurecat, the leading entity of the project for the construction sector that will seek to articulate and develop sustainable business models led by MSMEs, highlights that the Spanish entity, through this project, seeks to “fundamentally accelerate the transition of the construction sector towards the circular economy. To this end, we will analyse the state of the sector and international best practices, promote the exchange of knowledge between MSMEs and at the same time increase their technological capabilities.

While, for the fruit sector, led by the Eurochile Business Foundation, José Aravena, Executive Director of the Foundation, explains that, “the AL-INVEST Verde programme allows the development of SMEs and EOs to expand their marketing possibilities under the new standards of European regulations. Our Chilean-European team will carry out a plan for these groups of companies to address these gaps and become more and more circular and sustainable. The aim is also that the participating companies are trained and empowered with all the necessary materials so that they can continue with this process.

Also, Raffaello Benetti, Head Global Network & Tourism Program Promos Italy, highlights that, “the participation of Promos as an implementing partner in the project is of great importance, as it allows us to help the technical and commercial growth of companies in the Italian and Chilean agricultural sector to support them to have greater commercial exchanges between them”.

In addition, Sabrina Deforge, Head of Innovation at Agrópolis International recognises the importance of international collaboration in solving global agricultural challenges, as by working with European and Chilean partners, the organisation can benefit from diverse perspectives and knowledge from different regions, which can lead to innovative and sustainable solutions.

Fostering collaboration and sustainable development between Europe and Chile

Eurochile Business Foundation is a non-profit organisation founded in 1993, based in Santiago de Chile, whose main objective has been to strengthen commercial, economic and technological relations between the EU and Latin America.

In addition, Eurochile works in key areas such as investment promotion and multinational business development, knowledge and technology transfer between European and Chilean companies, networking and business partnerships.

The organisation also has a wide network of business and governmental contacts in Europe and Latin America, as well as a team of specialists in areas such as business management, foreign trade, circular economy and sustainable development.

Eurochile’s Foundation activities include organising trade fairs and business meetings, advising companies on internationalisation, training programmes and research and development projects.

In this way, José Aravena, Executive Director of Eurochile Business Foundation, adds that, “the Foundation is an Institution with purposes and meanings that seeks to contribute to the development of Chile through what we can do in favour of small and medium enterprises, a very varied work but aligned with the objectives of the European Union in the framework of the pathways to a model of circular and environmentally sustainable growth”.

In short, Eurochile Business Foundationis an international organisation that seeks to promote the economic and business development of Chile and Europe through innovative and collaborative projects.