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Eurochile calls to join the matchmaking event and connect with 19 European companies in the maritime and agricultural sector

The event will be held between May 9 and 31, and will generate networking opportunities for future collaborations, business alliances and technology transfers.

Publicado el 16/05/2022

The European project ConnectEO- led by the EARSC Consortium- aims to strengthen the companies and beneficiaries of the project in their internationalization processes and strategies, generating opportunities of cooperation between Chile and/or Australia in the European Earth Observation (EO) services and products in the maritime and agricultural sectors.

The ConnectEO Matchmaking Event seeks to promote cooperation between Chilean and European companies in order to improve productivity in the aforementioned areas. “This is a European project that seeks to connect the 19 companies, of different nationalities, with Chilean counterparts for the generation of new contacts, alliance and cooperation between companies and organisations, and enabling the transfer of knowledge and the prospection of the Chilean market for future projects”, stated Nina Morales, director of Business Cooperation.

Through these new technologies, Chilean companies and entities can be significantly empowered, preventing risks, monitoring their crops and managing urban planning that assesses the risk of wildfires and analyzes air quality, among other aspects. . “This is a unique opportunity, and we want to invite all companies in the agricultural and maritime sectors to join the event and connect online with European companies. From now on you can register and generate meetings; In addition, the activity has no cost for the companies. They only have to consider the time difference when requesting a meeting,” adds Morales.

The 19 companies that participate in this instance come from different European countries such as the Netherlands, Italy, Ireland, Spain, France, the Czech Republic, Germany, Estonia and Luxembourg. It should be noted that the companies are divided between those that work focused on the maritime sector and the agricultural sector, or both. These satellite monitoring companies stand out for their proven work in the satellite field. “They are companies that have opted for the development of new technologies and their own products, data analysis for managing natural disasters, satellite technology, artificial intelligence techniques, software, solutions adapted to different industries and oil spill monitoring and forecasting, among others”, adds the director of Business Cooperation.

Participating companies from the agricultural sector include AgcurateBlue BilobaIcon GeoQuantecTerra NisUTWWorld From Space and Vana Principia.

For their part, the maritime companies are: Detektia, UnseenlabsWaves´n See

Companies that work with both the maritime and agricultural sectors are: Orbital EosMaydayKrattworksRandbeeSantellogicSpace SurSpacety and Lobelia.

How to take part?

To participate in the event, you must enter and register at the following link:

Then you must follow the steps indicated, complete a profile about your company, a brief description of what you are looking for and in which country your company operates. After that, the system will redirect you to the Matchmaking Event.

To see information in Spanish about the companies, review this document.

For more information, please contact Manuela Caruz