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Eurochile Business Foundation, Enel Chile and the Regional Government of Biobío organize the III Conference: Circular Cities for Chile in Concepción

With the participation of regional authorities and national and international experts, the last of the three events will be carried out in the city of Concepción, which among its objectives is to call for #circularaction in the territories, in line with the Circular Economy Roadmap and international commitments for climate action.

Publicado el 30/11/2022

Next Tuesday, December 6, in the Mural Room of the Biobío Regional Government in Concepción, the Eurochile Business Foundation, Enel Chile and the Biobío Regional Government will hold a new Conversation “Circular Cities for Chile”, which seeks to be a space to reflect on the opportunity offered by the circular economy to create economic, social and environmental value in the cities of Chile, this within the framework of the study of the same name developed by Enel’s Sustainability Management in conjunction with the Center for Extension of UC Davis Chile and the collaboration and sponsorship of the Ministry of the Environment.

Like the first event held in the city of Santiago and the second in the city of Antofagasta, this third event will bring together national and international experts such as José Espí from EURECAT, Spain, highlighting local innovations and calling for #circularaction in the territories, in line with the National Circular Economy Roadmap and international commitments for climate action.

The conference will be divided into two parts; Session 1: Implementation of Public Policies and Governance for the Circular Economy, will be moderated by the Executive Director of Eurochile, José Aravena, and will share opinions with the Regional Ministerial Secretary of Environment, Óscar Reicher, Head of Infrastructure and Transport Division, Óscar Ferrel, and the mayor of Coronel, Boris Chamorro.

Session 2: Innovative Solutions for a Circular City will be led by Andres Palma from Enel Chile and will part of the discussion Fernando Pérez from City Lab Biobío; Marietta Montenegro from Essbio; Cristina Segura from the Technological Development Unit of the University of Concepción and Clahudett Gómez from the Biobío Solidario Food Bank.

At the end of the day, the signing of the commitment to circular cities for Chile and words of Gore de Concepción are scheduled.

The Studie ‘Circular Cities for Chile’ aims to develop a vision of circular economy for the cities of Chile; collect data and indicators based on existing public information on materials, energy and emissions, identify circularity opportunities for the decarbonisation of three economic sectors: energy, construction and food and propose circular interventions for the study cities based on the principles and business models of circular economy.

To register for the event, in the following LINK