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Eurochile Business Foundation and the Chilean Micro and Nanotechnology Association sign agreement to promote technology projects in Chile and Europe

Eurochile and the Association of Micro and Nanotechnology of Chile (AMNCH) seal an agreement that opens the doors for collaboration and the development of technological projects that promote advances in both Chile and Europe.

Publicado el 22/08/2023

On Thursday 17 August, the Eurochile Business Foundation, a non-profit organisation that promotes economic, commercial and technological cooperation between Chile and the European Union, together with the Association of Micro and Nanotechnology of Chile (AMNCH), an entity that brings together the micro and nanotechnology industry, with the aim of promoting and disseminating the national industry; both institutions met to formalise a collaborative agreement between them.

During the day, we had the participation of Sebastián Cardoen, president of the Association of Micro and Nanotechnology in Chile and José Aravena, executive director of the Eurochile Business Foundation, who acted as representatives of their respective organisations to carry out the signing of this agreement.

This strategic alliance provides an opportunity for both entities to collaborate and carry out a series of projects that will set new standards in the field of technology, with the aim of exploring new markets, boosting development and promoting innovation. In addition, it is important to highlight the existence of the Enterprise Europe Network, a network that promotes business cooperation at European level and facilitates the search for partners to carry out new projects. This network is exclusive to the Eurochile Foundation, and will become a fundamental resource for exploring new opportunities and joint lines of work with Europe.

For Eurochile the field of nanotechnology is not new; in previous years, the foundation carried out a project called “Development of Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies, New Materials and Production Technologies in Latin American Countries”, which lasted two years, with the purpose of approaching nanotechnology and advanced materials from an international perspective. This project sought to facilitate greater access to information and regulations in force in different countries, the main objective of which was to develop joint activities between European and Latin American institutions, with a focus on strengthening research and training potential. This was intended as a means to achieve the mission of being able to implement nanotechnologies in areas of great social challenge in Latin America, such as energy, water and health.

In short, the signing of this collaboration between the two organisations marks a significant milestone, since this strategic alliance not only opens the doors for the creation and development of new technological projects in Chile, but also takes advantage of the resources and benefits provided by Eurochile to make a leap forward in technological and economic progress in Chile and Europe.