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Tourism in the Coquimbo Region moves towards a Circular Economy model

The Eurochile Business Foundation reports on the progress of the programme being implemented in the Region, highlighting sustainability and circular economy in local tourism enterprises.

Publicado el 15/01/2024

With the aim of fostering the development of micro, small and medium-sized tourism enterprises (MSMEs) in the Coquimbo Region, the Eurochile Business Foundation is implementing the “Reactivation of Regional Tourism with Circular Economy” programme. Financed by the Regional Government through the Innovation Fund for Competitiveness (IFC) and with a duration of 18 months, this programme seeks to contribute to the sustainable transformation of local tourism activity through the application of innovative tools.

Marilú Mansilla, project executive of Eurochile’s Sustainability and Circular Economy Area, presented the progress of the programme in the Region, highlighting that, through the integration of the Circular Economy, new sustainable measures are being implemented in tourism companies.

The Coquimbo Region has great potential for the development of sustainable tourism, especially in its ecosystemic environment. During the year 2023, we carried out various dissemination activities that have contributed to the formation of companies with knowledge in circular economy applied to the local tourism industry“, she highlighted.

She also highlighted the progress of the initiative and the interest shown by the participants. She explained that they are seeking to initiate a process of transition towards circularity in a collaborative manner, with the aim of integrating the circular economy into tourism products and experiences that are already being marketed by companies. This is done with the aim of generating tourism products and services that have a lower environmental impact.

The region already has a base of companies working in sustainable tourism that, without knowing it, were incorporating the circular economy. Thanks to the dissemination workshops, they have been able to acquire knowledge and value the work they are already doing“, she emphasised.

Training and capacity building for 200 MSMEs in tourism

During 2023, the Eurochile Business Foundation carried out a survey of sustainable and circular tourism enterprises and their suppliers in the Coquimbo Region as part of the implementation of its programme. In addition, field meetings were held with tourism groups and workshops were held as part of a training plan aimed at 200 tourism MSMEs in the Region. These workshops were attended by European experts, who shared their experiences and knowledge on the application of the circular economy, specifically in tourism.

There is now ample scope for tourism to mitigate its negative externalities by adopting more energy, water and resource-efficient technologies and practices.

For this year, the programme includes training workshops on: “Strategies for the reactivation of sustainable tourism, digitalisation and green digital marketing”, with the aim of building and promoting tourism products and experiences that integrate quality and sustainability, taking advantage of the cultural and natural resources of the territory. It also includes the design and implementation of a Dissemination and Communication Plan to reposition tourism in the Coquimbo Region, following a circular and sustainable logic.