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Eurochile’s participation in Agro Trade San Vicente 2023: Sustainable Agriculture and Circular Economy

The Eurochile Business Foundation took part in the Agro Trade San Vicente 2023, an event that brought together actors from the agricultural and tourism sector in the O’Higgins region. During its participation, Eurochile stood out by presenting about Sustainable Agriculture and Circular Economy in the agricultural sector.

Publicado el 21/12/2023

The first edition of the Agro Trade 2023 event, organised by the Sercotec Business Centre of San Fernando and San Vicente, was held on 12 December at the Piedra Río Events Centre in San Vicente de Tagua Tagua, O’Higgins region. This event, whose purpose was to generate an instance of connection, brought together relevant actors of the ecosystem, as well as industries in the agricultural and tourism sectors of the region.

Likewise, the participants of the activity had the opportunity to attend various talks led by experts in innovation and sustainability. The fair established spaces dedicated to the promotion and visibility of entrepreneurs who offer products and services outside the traditional supply chain.

In this sense, Rodrigo Silva, project manager of the Sustainability and Circular Economy area of the Eurochile Business Foundation, was present at the event. He spoke about “Sustainable Agriculture and Circular Economy”, where he also presented the functionalities of Eurochile and the AL-INVEST Verde Frutícola project, which is being implemented in three regions of the country, including the O’Higgins region. This initiative aims to help producers to obtain circular tools to apply on their land.

“It was a very enriching experience. I had the opportunity to present Eurochile to producers and professionals linked to the agricultural sector. In addition, I shared information about the circular economy, highlighting practices such as the incorporation of waste and rainwater harvesting, which are fundamental in circular and sustainable agriculture“, says Rodrigo Silva Muñoz, project manager at Eurochile.

Silva Muñoz adds that in Chile, agriculture that implements sustainable and circular practices is being carried out. However, many producers, especially those not focused on exports, are unaware of these practices. Generally, producers who adopt circular measures are those who are export-oriented and motivated to comply with regulations, such as the Global Gap sustainable certification, for example.

All in all, the Agro Trade San Vicente 2023 was a significant event that brought together diverse actors to explore innovations and circular practices in various fields. Eurochile’s participation strengthened the exchange of knowledge, contributing significantly to the implementation of new measures that promote sustainability and efficiency in Chilean agriculture.