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Eurochile Leads International Seminar and Debuts at Provincial Circular Economy Fair in Osorno

The Eurochile Business Foundation takes a significant step in promoting sustainability in the Osorno region by holding a successful international seminar focused on recycling and the circular economy. In addition, its participation in the province’s first Circular Economy Fair marks a milestone in promoting sustainable practices and fostering environmental awareness in the community.

Publicado el 03/11/2023

In the city of Osorno, the programme “Strengthening Recycling and Circular Economy” was launched at the Sonesta Hotel. This programme is financially supported by the Regional Government of Los Lagos through the National Fund for Regional Development (FNDR). The main objective of this project is to strengthen and improve the associated processes to reduce the negative environmental impact caused by the inadequate management of waste, both organic and inorganic, generated in household and industrial activities in the province.

The objective of the initiative, called International Seminar: “Towards the Circular Economy in the Province of Osorno: Transforming MSME and Household Waste into Opportunities“, is to present the current situation in the Province of Osorno regarding the implementation of the circular economy, identify the main gaps and opportunities for a conscious and circular waste management.

During the event, we counted with the participation of regional authorities and experts in the field of circular economy, among which stand out: Francisco Pino Cáceres, head of the Development and Industry Division, Regional Government of Los Lagos; Jorge Pasminio, executive secretary of the Association of Municipalities of the Province of Osorno, José Aravena, executive director of the Eurochile Business Foundation; Maud Breyne, head of projects of the Sustainability and Circular Economy Area, Eurochile; Cornelia Prenzlau, manager of the Espantapájaros restaurant and president of Corporación PLOC; María José Solari, founding partner of Verde Sur; Daniel Hofstadt, former president of Corporación para la Protección Ambiental del Lago Rupanco (CPA Rupanco); and Diego Troncoso, head of the Environmental Department of Manuka.

On the other hand, the Regional Governor of Los Lagos, Patricio Vallespin, highlighted this great opportunity that is being implemented in the commune, “We know that the future is a challenge, and we are aware of the complications that we face in the Province of Osorno today. That is why we must work to turn SMEs and household waste management into opportunities. Circular economy is the way to a sustainable future. Therefore, this event that Eurochile, which is the bridge to the European Union, is organising, will be a space for meeting, reflection, analysis and future challenges“, he explains.

In addition, SMEs from the area, representatives from both the public and private sectors, citizens, associations, corporations and actors from various communes in the surrounding region participated throughout the day. This provided an opportunity to establish connections and networks between these groups, which in turn could have a positive impact on other communes.

José Aravena, executive director of the Eurochile Business Foundation, stressed that, “it is essential that companies develop a medium and long-term vision with a broad perspective of what is happening, not only locally but also globally, in order to adapt to this transition“.

Circular Economy Fair

The International Seminar was held prior to the Provincial Circular Economy Fair in Osorno organised by the Association of Municipalities of the Province of Osorno on 17 and 18 October. The event sought to generate alliances and make visible the diverse experiences of companies, educational institutions and organisations, with the main focus on waste and recycling.

Various public and private institutions, as well as educational establishments, have set up exhibitions and stands promoting their products and projects, all focused on sustainability, environmental care and circular economy.

During this initiative, the Eurochile Business Foundation was present to present the project to be implemented in the region. In addition, several workshops were held for the community, with the participation of educational institutions, public and private entities, as well as waste managers and grassroots actors.

In that sense, Erucohile’s Sustainability and Circular Economy project manager, Maud Breyne, highlights that, “we had the opportunity to educate the community on how to identify the different types of plastic, providing them with tips and rules to distinguish between them. In the end, it is essential to simplify the design of products from their conception, so that they are more adaptable and ultimately easier for the community to recycle“.

Ultimately, these initiatives help to raise awareness among the inhabitants of the region about the importance of recycling and to familiarise them with concepts related to the circular economy. This contributes to promoting the implementation of sustainable practices in the Osorno region.