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Entrepreneurs from Eurochile’s Circular Economy Working Group gain new skills in Circular Economy with the help of Circular Change

Eurochile’s Circular Economy Group meets with experts from Circular Change, Europe’s leading circular economy organisation, to enrich their knowledge and strategies in this field.

Publicado el 02/11/2023

On 18 October, during the monthly meeting of the Circular Economy Working Group of the Eurochile Business Foundation, a workshop was led by Marco Segovia, project manager of Circular Change, a non-profit organisation based in Slovenia that supports companies in the transition to a circular economy. In addition, this organisation was part of the development of the Roadmap for a Circular Chile 2040 as an external European consultant and currently has a collaboration agreement with Eurochile.

Present on this day were Ivonne Palma, director of the Sustainability and Circular Economy area of the Eurochile Business Foundation; Hugo Muñoz from Ecología en Tu Barrio; Ximena Guerra from INDUNEXT; Cristian Morales from Espyral; Karina Gómez from Nido, and Fernando González and Roberto Ravanales from ICP Ingeniería.

During the meeting, Marco Segovia presented the different functions of the organisation, whose main objective is to promote the circular economy and work on the transition towards a more sustainable economic model. In addition, Circular Change organises events and conferences, known as the “Circular Change Conference”, where it brings together experts, business leaders and policy makers to discuss strategies and solutions. The organisation has held more than two thousand talks at European and international level.

Circular Change also develops in different areas of work, such as: Research and Development, where it conducts research and analysis in the field of circular economy to identify specific opportunities and challenges in different sectors; Collaboration and Networking, facilitating collaboration between different stakeholders; Advice and Consultancy, providing guidance to businesses and governments looking to implement circular economy strategies; Circular Economy Strategy Development, helping organisations implement strategies such as optimising resource use, sustainable product design and waste management; and Education and Training, offering programmes to develop skills and understanding of circular economy issues.

At the meeting, the entrepreneurs had the opportunity to learn about the different initiatives carried out by this organisation in relation to the circular economy and the benefits of joining this new model that promotes sustainability and circularity. These benefits are reflected in the mappings and roadmaps, as well as in the conferences they have organised at regional and global level.