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Coquimbo Region: Eurochile Business Foundation will lead a tourism reactivation programme with circular economy financed by the Regional Government

The first week of June, the Regional Government of Coquimbo together with the Eurochile Business Foundation, an institution that promotes cooperation and business and technological connection between Chile and Europe, will carry out – with the presence of regional authorities and European experts – the launch of a programme that combines regional tourism and circular economy, and seeks to contribute to the recovery and revival of tourism in the region.

Publicado el 01/06/2023

The launch of the programme “Reactivation of Regional Tourism with Circular Economy” will take place next Tuesday, June 6th, at 08:30 hours, at the Hotel Club La Serena, with the participation of regional authorities. The activity is focused on presenting the programme, its objectives and actions to be developed during the 18 months of implementation, which will benefit 200 MSMEs linked to tourism in the 3 provinces of the region.

On this occasion, the Spanish expert, Eduardo Martínez, CEO of HIDIRIA, Science environment and development that has extensive knowledge in circular economy applied to the tourism industry, will participate in the event, who, during the event, will present the benefits and opportunities of incorporating the circular economy in SMEs.

Eurochile Business Foundation was awarded the programme “Reactivation of Regional Tourism with Circular Economy” in September 2022 and is financed by the Regional Government of Coquimbo through the Innovation Fund for Competitiveness (FIC) whose objective is to contribute to the reactivation and recovery of tourism in the region through the generation of new sustainable and circular products, thus promoting the knowledge and practice of the circular economy among MSMEs in the area.

To achieve the objective of the programme, the Eurochile Business Foundation will work together with local authorities and experts in tourism and the circular economy, with the aim that this programme will have a positive impact on the local economy and, at the same time, promote new sustainable practices in the tourism industry. It will seek to incorporate the circular economy, a concept that seeks to minimise waste and maximise the use of resources in the production and consumption of goods and services. In the context of tourism, this may include the promotion of eco-friendly practices, the valorisation of local resources and the reduction of the carbon footprint generated by tourists.

In conclusion, the programme Reactivation of Regional Tourism with Circular Economy, implemented by the Eurochile Business Foundation and financed by the Regional Government of Coquimbo through the Innovation Fund for Competitiveness (FIC), represents a great opportunity to boost the regional economy and tourism in the area. The implementation of this project will greatly contribute to the sustainable development of the region, generating jobs and promoting a culture of recycling and efficiency in the use of natural resources. Undoubtedly, a great benefit for the whole community and an important step in the creation of a prosperous and sustainable future.