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Building a Sustainable Future: Eurecat and Eurochile Webinar Highlights the Circular Economy in Construction MSMEs

A successful webinar organised by Eurecat and Eurochile for MSMEs in the construction sector provided a valuable opportunity to learn about sustainable trends in the industry and explore the benefits associated with incorporating the circular economy.

Publicado el 20/11/2023

In the framework of the AL-INVEST Verde Construction programme, the Technology Centre of Catalonia, Eurecat and the Eurochile Business Foundation held the webinar “European Experience in the Valorisation of Construction Waste” on Wednesday 08 November. The event aimed to give continuity to the programme focused on strengthening and improving the linkage of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and their business organisations related to the construction sector.

During the conference, Maud Breyne, head of projects at the Eurochile Business Foundation, presented the progress and objectives of the project. José Espí, head of the Sustainable Impact Line, explained Eurecat’s functionalities, including the self-diagnosis tool developed to evaluate the level of circularity of a company, whose questionnaire includes four topics: design and planning, value chain processes, use and recovery of value and culture and organisation. Each of these topics has four to five questions and at the end of the questionnaire the results are given with a score. Finally, a 15-page document with recommendations and ratings of the results is downloaded.

Likewise, Miguel Ángel Pérez, manager of Hercal Diggers, a 16-year-old family business located in Barcelona and specialised in demolition, demolition and soil decontamination, shared the goal of being one of the most sustainable demolition companies in Spain. In his presentation, Pérez highlighted the development of the company, the importance of transforming rubble into sustainable materials, the progress in the creation of sustainable concrete and the different processes that the company is implementing in the sustainable construction industry, as well as the integration of the circular economy in the sector. In its beginnings, Hercal started working only in earthmoving, doing excavations and backfilling, but over time they started to incorporate demolitions. Today they work throughout Spain and are specialists in complex demolitions; they also carry out civil works.

On the other hand, Ana Salgado, Head of Environment at Ciment Català, the Cement Manufacturers’ Association of Catalonia, spoke about her company, the cement manufacturing process, its production and the environmental situation of the construction sector. He also discussed the Roadmap process they have implemented until 2050 and the importance of incorporating the circular economy in construction. Cement Català is made up of four companies and five factories and, since 1990, the company has made significant environmental investments which have resulted, to date, in high percentages of energy recovery and a reduction in energy consumption.

In short, the participating MSMEs had the opportunity to learn more about the project that Eurecat is carrying out in collaboration with Eurochile. In addition, they learned about innovations in the construction sector by incorporating the circular economy and European success stories.