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Decentralization, sustainability and business cooperation: Eurochile’s objectives in 2022

The foundation announced the work plan and objectives that it will seek to achieve during 2022, in addition to its vision of how to contribute to Chile in the construction of a better productive, sustainable, associative and business cooperation environment.

Publicado el 05/05/2022

Regarding the objectives to be met during this year, Eurochile established sustainability, decentralization, and business cooperation as the pillars of its work.


The first topic that stands out is sustainability. In this sense, Eurochile hopes to continue with the work of projects and promotional activities with the aim of disseminating the basic concepts at a national and regional level, consolidating its commitment to help make Chile more sustainable and circular.


In this context, the foundation will seek to position the circular economy as a necessary tool that goes beyond the academic world, for which it will seek to strengthen and enhance its Circular Economy Working Group, which has been active since 2019. The primary goal is to turn it into a main instance to carry out a circular economy in Chile, using the knowledge of each of the companies that participate, as for example, in the articulation of projects that can be a contribution to the country.


Eurochile will seek to additionally, with the aim of promoting and disseminating circular economy concepts, opportunities to gather different stakeholders (academy, civil society, public and private sector) to meet and talk about circular economy. Proof of this are the conferences on circular economy which have already been carried out, in January and March 2022, together with the regional governments of Los Lagos, Biobío and O’Higgins, with the goal of reaching other areas of the country too.


On the other hand, and in accordance with the decentralization process to which Chile is aiming, the foundation positioned this topic as another of its important lines of work.


This decentralization process will establish collaboration strategies and work plans on issues of common interest with regional governments, through projects, such as the challenges that SMEs are facing, sustainability and circular economy.


It will also seek to support regional governments in their internationalization processes in the connections with European regions and entities, collaborating on issues that promote the protection of the environment, generating instances for the participation of civil society, and supporting tourism projects that benefit and encourage the business tourism (M.I.C.E) with the necessary sanitary measures.


And the third topic that plays a main role in Eurochile is business cooperation, whose objective is to support SMEs in their internationalization process, generating different opportunities for connection between Chilean and European SMEs through networks and platforms so that they can improve their competitiveness and productivity.


The interest in strengthening the presence of Chilean SMEs in the European market will continue to be one of the pillars for Eurochile, and for this it will continue to disseminate European matchmaking events that allow companies to explore international markets, generate their own networks of contacts and alliances with European counterparts for future projects. The foundation will also continue with workshops for Chilean SMEs in the use of tools to reach the European market.


With the objectives mentioned above, Eurochile expects to benefit around 2,000 people during 2022, including entrepreneurs and professionals from the public and private sectors. The foundation will seek to support organizations that work for the country’s progress in terms of decentralization, sustainability and