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Successful Outcome of Eurochile 2021: Co-organization of 27 matchmaking events and more than 370 participating Chilean companies

Within the framework of the activities carried out to connect Chilean SMEs with European counterparts, the Eurochile Business Foundation co-organized different matchmaking events with the aim of creating instances and generating networks that support the transfer of knowledge, good practices, and open opportunities in new markets.

Publicado el 07/04/2022

With the aim of promoting and encouraging Chile’s connection with Europe and supporting Chilean SMEs in their internationalization processes, Eurochile co-organized 27 matchmaking events, which gathered more than 370 national companies. “Given that during 2021 sanitary restrictions were maintained both in Chile and in Europe, companies kept their interest in joining initiatives such as these with the aim of connecting with international counterparts and identifying opportunities,” says Nina Morales, Director of Business Cooperation at Eurochile.

The year 2021 was less complex in terms of the pandemic, however many of the European fairs and matchmaking events were forced to maintain the online format to continue connecting companies and organizations from different countries. “Without a doubt, this was beneficial for our companies, because they did not need to spend on travel and accommodation expenses to meet with European counterparts. We have always affirmed that matchmaking events are unique opportunities and we continue to affirm it, adds Nina Morales.

The foundation is part of a European network called Enterprise Europe Network whose objective is to be a main and reliable tool for SMEs in technology and commercial transfer. This initiative is from the European Commission and exists in more than 60 countries worldwide with more than 600 partner entities. Eurochile has been an exclusive member of this network since 2008, it is the only contact point in Chile and allows it to be a connecting bridge between Chile and Europe, and facilitate the internationalization processes of SMEs; generate collaboration agreements; participation in national and European fairs; organization of business missions to Europe and reception of European missions in Chile; preparation of meeting agendas and organization of business meetings or matchmaking events. All this favoring the exchange of experiences and knowledge that allow SMEs to be more innovative, competitive and productive.

In this context, the director of Business Cooperation adds that, “these activities are big and important spaces for collaboration, they create endless opportunities in business and future projects. For example, throughout these 27 online meetings, Chilean companies were able to meet with hundreds of European companies to develop new relationships and first contacts for future potential alliances”.

The 2021 events were aimed at different sectors, such as: technology, food, energy, circular economy, cosmetics, fashion, nanotechnology, textiles, Covid, among others. “Given that the Enterprise Europe Network is a transversal platform, the activities are aimed at various sectors and allow the participation of different actors from the academia, research centers a SMEs, among others. These instances bring the participants together on a virtual platform for 20 minutes; those are brief moments – a first contact – where both parties present their demands, offers and/or projects and exchange opinions with the aim of identifying beneficial opportunities” says Morales.

Of the 27 events carried out,  only one remains in force in 2022 and is focused on the transfer of good practices in circular economy. “Circular SMEs Across Europe- Good Practices from Barcelona to Bottrop” is a meeting that takes place in virtual format that began in June 2021 and remains open until November 2022. To date, more than 261 participants from more than 30 countries are registered, it is a free and transversal event aimed at all sectors. To learn more about this meeting and register: