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Eurochile co-organizes virtual seminar to connect companies in Chile and Catalonia in Industry 4.0

The objective is to promote and create opportunities that can strengthen relations between entrepreneurs from both continents, in a scenario in which the so-called “Industry 4.0” acts as a driver to enable new business models, and the adaptation and increase of resilience of the current companies through the commitment to digital innovation.

Publicado el 14/05/2021

Between June 8 and 10, the virtual encounter “Industry 4.0: building bridges between Catalonia and South America” ​​will take place. This event, which Eurochile is co-organiser, aims to explore the opportunities the digital transformation of industries, or “reindustrialization presents for the region.”

It is a transition scenario in which the so-called Industry 4.0 acts as a driver to enable new business models, and the adaptation and increase of resilience of current companies through a commitment to digital innovation.

According to Nina Morales, Director of Business Cooperation of the Foundation, the event is part of the activities of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN). Eurochile is the only contact point in the country and the objective of promoting these instances of exchange, she affirms, is to promote and create opportunities that can strengthen relations between entrepreneurs from both continents.

“Building bridges between Catalonia and South America: Industry 4.0 is an initiative that aims to unite efforts and ties between Catalonia, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Uruguay and Chile. However, the purpose in the case of Chile is for the meetings to be held only between Catalan and Chilean companies. That is the main focus. There will be three days of bilateral meetings, with the objective that the companies establish a first contact with potential partners to generate possible international technology cooperation and technology transfer agreements”, adds Nina Morales.

The activities of the event are divided into two formats. The first is the “Brokerage Event”, one-to-one 20-minute meetings between Chilean and Catalan participants, the objective of which is to find partners for eventual agreements. This will take place through the event platform during the three days and will be open 24 hours a day. Participation in the Brokerage Event is free of charge.

The second part is a series of webinars on Industry 4.0 during the afternoons, focused on topics such as international business technology collaboration programs, local support programs for Industry 4.0 or on Low Carbon Business Action Latam + (LCBA), among others. Registration for the event can be made at this link, where it is also possible to know the full schedule of activities as well as have a tutorial to correctly register for the seminar.

As it is an event in virtual format and with meetings that will be held 24 hours a day, it is important to keep in mind the time difference with Europe. In addition, on Wednesday June 9, Eurochile is in charge of organising the webinar “Success stories of SMEs Industry 4.0”, in which companies will be invited to present their experiences in the commitment to digital innovation, on how to cope with this issue and the guidelines to solve technological problems in an intelligent, dynamic and collaborative way.

According to Nina Morales, in this virtual encounter, both the Brokerage Event and webinars, Chilean companies can participate. So all companies inserted in Industry 4.0 in the sectors of Agriculture (livestock and fishing); Food (drinks); Construction (infrastructure); Energy (chemical and resources); Manufacture; Mining; Mobility (logistics); Health wellness); Sustainability (circular economy and Retail are invited to  register and participate.

“There can only be one participant per company,” she adds, “and the representative must complete a profile with certain requirements for it to be activated and visible to all other participants. Mainly, the profile must indicate personal information, company, country, area of ​​activity and technology. A mandatory requirement for the profile is the Marketplace in which the offer, product, service, cooperation project or request, among others must be indicated. This part is crucial, it is essential so that the counterpart can find a match with a potential partner”.

Additionally, it is necessary to indicate a range of attendance hours for the availability of meetings. The registration platform has been open since May 3 and has a registration closing date of June 3, but the meetings will take place on June 8, 9 and 10. If help is required to complete the profile or any additional questions about the event, you can contact Manuela Caruz, Director of Networks and head of the EEN at Eurochile,