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Andrea Batazzi: “The role of the Eurochile Business Foundation is essential for the dissemination in Chile of Ecomondo & Key Energy”

Between November 8 and 11, the Ecomondo & Key Energy Fair will be held at the Rimini Expo Center in Italy, an international event of reference for the Circular Economy.

Publicado el 10/06/2022

Ecomondo, organized by the Italian Exhibition Group, is an international event that with 25 years of history has focused on supporting companies to be at the forefront of innovation in circular economy, in topics such as the use of clean energy or recovery raw material.

Andrea Batazzi, representative of MultiRep Services and Ecomondo in Latin America, explains how important it is for the organization to hold the event again in favorable sanitary conditions. In the same line, the representative of Ecomondo highlights the fair as a key platform for the circular economy and for the market of technological innovations related to the “Green Economy”.

This year is the second in-person fair that takes place post-pandemic. What will be different compared to previous years?

The impact of the pandemic did not allow the 2020 edition of Ecomondo to take place, so there was only one digital event. In October 2021, the fair returned in-person, but with a lower participation than 2019, which was a record. In this context, the expectation for Ecomondo & Key Energy 2022 is very high, both for exhibiting companies, Italian and international key players and delegations from more than 50 countries that will visit the fair. It is expected to be a tremendous event with huge participation.

One of the highlights for 2022 is to address the current state of opportunities and difficulties in the implementation of the EU Action Plan for the Circular Economy. What kind of actors will be involved in this matter?

On the subject of the EU Action Plan for the Circular Economy, the 2022 edition will see an important participation of representatives from the public and private sectors and, university. Also, international speakers will be part of the event within the framework of the Program of conferences and Scheduled Events that is being finalized.

Considering that there are countries implementing Circular Economy Roadmaps, Chile published its own in 2021 with ambitious goals for 2040. Will there be workshops or conferences with a special emphasis on this topic?

The Circular economy is at the center of the priority themes and, this year the focus will be above all on the (circular) bioeconomy with the aim of optimizing the business of all sectors committed to the production of renewable organic resources, including food and chemicals.

Thinking that Chilean companies can attend Ecomondo. What expectations can you have with the 2022 version? Any new topic compared to previous years?

Ecomondo is characterized by being an event where innovation is encouraged and in which the possibilities of establishing businesses, connections and alliances between companies and investors from all over the world are real. Regarding novelties, the 2022 edition has new themes such as: Textile Hub, Environmental Protection and regeneration, Food Waste and Start-ups and Innovation Area. Therefore, for Chile and its important business sector, and action on environmental issues, these topics can be of great interest and key for generating a delegation of Chilean companies and visit this year´s fair.

What is the relationship that Ecomondo has with Eurochile? And how important is the work it performs?

Within the framework of the Ecomondo 2022 Promotional Action Plan for Latin America, Multirep Services, a regional consultant for Latin America, received the special commission to select some Latin American institutions that stand out for their performance in the circular economy, renewable energy and environmental issues to sign an Exclusive Collaboration Agreement to promote Ecomondo in Chile. The Eurochile Business Foundation, due to its importance and its historical performance in these sectors, was selected to carry out a Company Mission to the Ecomondo & Key Energy 2022 fair. Just to mention that at the Latin American level, 3 institutions from Peru, Uruguay and Chile were selected. And in this context, the role of the Foundation is essential for the dissemination in Chile of Eco