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AL-INVEST Verde Construction: Eurecat and Eurochile Business Foundation lead webinar to promote the Circular Economy in the sector

Representatives of the construction sector in the Los Lagos region participated virtually in the First Consultative Round that aimed to explore the advantages of sustainability and the circular economy in the sector.

Publicado el 11/08/2023

The launch of the project “Articulation and development of sustainable business models led by MSMEs for the construction sector” of the AL-INVEST Verde programme, an initiative led by the Technological Centre of Catalonia, Eurecat, and co-executed by Eurochile, was held last May and thus began the various activities committed to in the project, whose duration is 24 months and which will benefit companies in the Metropolitan and Los Lagos regions.

In this regard, the webinar “Consultative round: Action plans for the implementation of the circular economy in the construction sector” was held on 25 July. This virtual event brought together representatives of associations, guilds, research centres and public bodies from the Los Lagos Region.

This activity was attended by Cristian Riquelme, advanced researcher; Jose Espí, head of the Sustainable Impact Line, both representatives of Eurecat, and Ivonne Palma, director of the Sustainability and Circular Economy area of the Eurochile Business Foundation.

The event started with Riquelme presenting the project that aims to benefit small and medium-sized enterprises and business organisations in the construction sector so that they can develop sustainable business models, learn about European experiences on the production of sustainable materials, efficient consumption, waste management and the use of secondary raw materials.

On the other hand, Ivonne Palma presented the functions of Eurochile and the benefits that can be offered to SMEs in the sector. She also presented a preview of the results obtained from the baseline form, a tool used to assess the level of the project participants.

Afterwards, Jose Espí, moderated the activity, giving attendees the opportunity to collaborate and share different perspectives. During the meeting, it was possible to identify strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats present in the construction sector when moving towards a sustainable and circular system.

In the framework of the activities programmed in the project, on 17 August, Eurecat and Eurochile, in collaboration with Hub Providencia and the Business Centre Sercotec Santiago/Providencia, will hold the international seminar “AL-INVEST Verde Construction”. During this event, topics related to sustainability and circular economy in the construction sector will be addressed, and there will be the possibility to participate in the project that aims to promote new solutions between companies in the construction sector and those that propose sustainable approaches.